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Neon China

Self Introduction

I am a student, also a beginner and major in Software Engineer. However, I am also a beginner of programming :-D. I started to learn Unity when this competition has been announced, so my scene is not pretty good but I did spent time on it. My classmate helped me with some scripts, so I am very grateful to him.


This is the original blue print. But my final scene just use some of the design.
I plan to make a scene based on China, so my project is named "Neon China". In the final version, I have combined many elements, like Chinese architectures, factory kits, robots and exciting public square dancing which is famous in China.
In the beginning of the video, you will see a spaceship lighting up and then take off.
Next, I will show just some picture of my early version.

These is the early version, which has been discarded. One of the reason is that it made my Unity crash, maybe my computer is stress out ;-).


This time I want to make a scene which is small but wonderful, which is also fit my computer to render. This is the construction that my buildings will be located at. I would like to have a concept first and generally add details.

I spent one day to make this scene, then another two days for the light and fog.

When disabling the directional light and changing the sky box, it will be like this.

I made some models of the Chinese architecture. They are not so accurate but will looks better when adding the light.


I found this in the asset store. It's free and contains many animations, which can enrich the dancing animation group. I mixed some of the animations in an animation controller and just adjust the order and speed to fit the rhythm of the background music. I also use scripts to make some simple animations like moving, floating and rotating.
I used a script and a heat wave shader to simulate the lighting-up effect.
(The shader is here ->

Post Processing

It is obviously that my video uses the grain and bloom effect. And the virtual cameras are focusing on their target.
The Chromatic Aberration is to make it have the feeling of raps( fitting the BGM).

Timeline and Cinemachine

I use the most simple function of timeline to control most of my virtual camera. And there is a sound clip and an animation clip at the end of the video, which is also using the timeline. As for the combination of timeline and cinemachine, I think they are perfect match because I can just mix some clip to make a smooth moving of the cinemachine. Then I use the cinemachine in a special way.
I have set a spot light as the children of a virtual camera so the light will follow the robot. It save the time to typing scripts and also, it's effective.


This is a list of what I have choose from asset store. All of them are free assets.


I have been upload some pieces of my works. Here are the videos.

Thank you for viewing!

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Nice start :) Good luck. Looking forward to see more.