Neon Challenge Submission
Published a year ago
Acona - city of the restless


Hi, I'm Kilian, a 16 year old German student. For about 2 years now I am a passionate hobby game developer and 3D artist. And I have always enjoyed working with Unity. However, I have never come into contact with the creation of cutscenes and therefore this challange was like an invitation for this subject. So I made a small scene for that, with which I experimented a bit. And that is the result:


As the general architectural style of the scene I chose the city Tatooine of Star Wars. That is why domes are on the roofs of smaller houses and the city lies in a desert. The spaceship, however, has no concept. Although it has some features of an X-Wings (e.g. the cockpit).

Make Of

I will upload a detailed make-of soon. Until then, here are some screenshots of my work:

Used Assets

Self-created Assets

I have all buildings and main props modeled (Cinema4D) and textured (Substance Painter) by myself.

Paid Assets

MCS Male: Cyberpunk Bundle

Free Assets

MCS Female
MCS Male
MCS Female: Sci-Fi Bundle 01
Western Audio & Music | John Leonard French
Sci-Fi Tablet Computer | kawetofe
Heavy Wrenches | Mikołaj Spychał
Voices Sfx | Little Robot Sound Factory

External Assets

Space Station Music | ALXD Music | Soundcloud:
Smooth Jazz Music | Gee Royalty Free Music | YouTube

Unity Assets

Post Processing Stack V1
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