Neon Challenge Environment
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Custom Environment from the provided concept images
Final Video

I'm a very experienced digital artist but I gave up Art for a few years and am currently re-training myself in virtual environmental design, so the neon challenge is perfect for me, it allowed me to do the tutorials in the latest tools and gain some practice with them
I enjoyed Georgi Simeonov conceptual artwork and felt I should use it as a starting point. As suggested in the briefing I followed the essential conceptual art but let my imagination flow along the way, I wanted to end up with an environment that is very inspired by the conceptual art but I didn't limit myself to it, I let things progress and expand.
The concept art seemed to show a 3 level social structure, poor people below in the wetlands, workers in the middle and the elite in the upper areas... so I expanded upon that concept.
I made custom 3d Objects in 3DS Max to roughly match the primary buildings in the concept art, I didn't spend much time with them, I made them very simply so that they render quickly. Then I painted a few simple texture maps in photoshop and used them in simple shaders.
With more time I would have liked to refine everything, but am only spending the weekend at this...
Just like the Neon Project : I made this in a weekend, I'm just one artist working alone... I used several assets from the store but limited myself to using only the Free assets...
The new post processing stack is brilliant, the color correction is woderfull.
and the new camera tools are amaizing it allowed me to easily make an amaizingly long dolly shot across the wet lands.
I wish I had more time, 1 minute to go and I work my regular day job tomorrow...
I'm amazed by the easy work flow in Unity...

Robert Donaghey
Digital Artist - Artist
Robert Donaghey
a year ago
Digital Artist - Artist
Here's a link to this video on YouTube :