Neon Challange _ Last man standing (FINAL)
Updated 3 years ago
by TR

Hi! My name is Tobias Rohrwacher. I work as an Fairstand and Inerior Designer in Zürich, Swizerland. My real passion is for Comics, Games and Animation.. so i try to spend most of my time with that! Challanges are the best way to improve, so i do as many as possible. I have worked a little with unity before but this is seartenly the biggest project so far (exept a small mobile game wich has never been published...)

Cubes! I have always liked cubical robots. This challange was the perfect opportunity to build an entire world around this idea. And ofcourse i wanted to to something with simple shapes because its a lot of work for one man only and i dont want to take everything from the asset store. So i made some sketches for a very basic concept.

The Story:
Humanity has been extinct for a long time, but befor we all died we started to send out robots to build us some colonies on diffrent inhabitable Planets. The Robots core programing lets them act like humans and try to form there world as if they were human (trying to grow plants search for water and so on). Althoug they wouldnt need all that to live, they think they do. So if a colonie fails they just leave and go to a different planet.
The robots form citys where ever they can an use simple "qubical" building blocks, wich they form out of the materials they find (even them selfs if nothing else is available...)
Once in a while some of these Robots become selfaware and realise they dont need to travel or build anything, they just need some energy and thats it. The final video is about such a robot that stayed behind. For us it may seem kind of sad, but he has everything he needs and all the time in the World...

Production Process:
After sketching the basic elements i started modeling. At first the elements which i wanted to be far away, just to try the workflow. I made a simple Node setup in Blender for the textures, so I would be able to paint on the models directly and get the proper maps for Unity.

After the first bunch of models i began to build a City in Unity.

I tryed to organize the buildings in small blocks and then combine them to bigger blocks and so on.
As soon as i hade a basic city i began learning how to use Cinemachine (which is very easy...)
After the first animation test i decidet to redo the basic envoirement... and make it a bit more "Romantic".
Now I had to hurry and model and animate the character and the main building..

I didnt do a good job modeling the envoirement, so i was very happy when i found the Rocks and Boulders set in the asset store! Now i was able to hide some of the mistakes i made during texturing.
I hade used the postprocessing stack before and was very pleased with the options the secend version providet. so i addet some effects and tryed to get the scene running on my rather old hardware...and (after a while) it worked :)

Assets :
  • Cinemachine (Asset store)
  • Timeline (Asset store)
  • Post Processing Stack v2 (Github)
  • Standart Assets (effects) (Asset store)
  • Rocks and Boulders (1+2) (Asset store)
  • bensound - scifi (
  • Cubic Houses (Modeled in Blender)
  • Space ship (Modeled in Blender)
  • Detail elements like stairs and such (Modeled in Blender)
  • Robo Character (Modeled and animated in Blender)

Tobias Rohrwacher
Allrounder - Designer
3 years ago
3D/2D Artist/Animator
can't wait to see your progress :)
Abea bit similar with mine.. i liked it anyway :)
thanks! but dont worry it will be pretty different in the end...when i finaly have some time to work on it ;) like yours ro by the way :)
3 years ago
3D/2D Artist/Animator
a bit similar with mine.. i liked it anyway :)