[Neon Bird]
Published 8 months ago
In development
Windows; Xbox 360
[Neon Bird] is a personal short prototype project I've started developing in early October of 2017. I intended it to be a game where the player incarnates a pilot in a faraway and futuristic environment. The game takes on elements from arcade games, musical racers and was mainly inspired by the 80s as well as the science-fiction genre. The main goal of the game is to successfully race through a set of levels. Music - synth-pop in this case - is ever present as I wished to create a fast-paced and thrilling experience, all the while using the audio parameters for defining levels and obstacles for the player. As already stated above, I wished this project to be a prototype. And yet, the development was predated with the creation of a Game Design Document, as well as researches and plans to define the framework of [Neon Bird].

Ferenc Safrany-Kovalik
Junior Developer - Designer
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Windows; Xbox 360
Junior Developer - Designer
MariusGreat game !
Thanks for your comment Marius, much appreciated ! Although game would be an exaggeration as it was meant to 'stuck' as a prototype ! :)
4 months ago
Cyber Rider Turbo - Designer
Great game !