Neil Druckmann
Published 3 months ago
research on a developer

Who is this person?

I did my research on Neil Druckmann.

What game or games did they work on, that influenced you?

He was very influential on projects such as Uncharted 1 & 2 and The Last of Us Part 1 & 2.

What studio was that (those) games made at?

He was a part of Naughty Dog Studios when these games were produced.

What is their education?

He studied criminology at the University of Florida.

How did they get started in the game industry?

He bugged the Co-Founder of Naughty Dog until he got an internship at their organization which later turned into a full-time offer.

What is their primary role on the game production?

Primarily he has taken the role of creative director. For the games he works on now, he directs and ensures that thematically the games that are produced are enjoyable.

What are they working on now?

According to his twitter, he is working on "This, that, and the other." Since this game The Last of Us 2 was just released earlier this year, he will likely not be announcing his next project until next year at the earliest.

What words of wisdom do they have for future game designers?

This quote is less about wisdom but I think his perspective on diversity in games is very healthy and very necessary:
"It's nuts that we've reached a situation where representing female characters - let alone minorities - is considered "social responsibility" and not, you know, depicting half the world's population. I often feel like the gaming audience is so much more diverse than the characters represented in the games that they play."
I hope that because of his work in games, more people can find solace in playing games that they can relate to and with, especially when it comes to story games.
Caleb Pfanstiel
CIS Student - Student