Need Help finishing 9 Months of Hell
Updated 3 years ago
An action adventure game about fulfilling a woman's deepest desires during pregnancy
So there i was, tempted by the idea of starting a new project when my soon to be wife reveals she had taken a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I didn't panic, i was mostly excited. I love kids and the prospect of having one of my own has always been an amazing idea to me. I love my girlfriend and this adventure we were setting out on seemed like everything i had ever wanted. That is until the first trimester took hold of her hormones, her food cravings and aversions. Suddenly i find myself eating a hamburger across from her while she begins crying about why people feel the need to put bacon on everything...
The life of a man with a pregnant woman is a bit of a fetch quest. A crazy nonsensical fetch quest with sadistic undertones. She wants ice cream? It's up to you to get it. Perhaps she is craving taco's or bagels with corn chips and cream cheese... it's up to you to fulfill that sick, demented desire as well. Her demands no matter how superfluous and weird are yours to bring to fruition.
Over the last month i became very protective of my pregnant girlfriend and the anxiety i had about her safety was unlike any i had experienced before. I must protect her from evil. I must destroy the demons out to harm her and my child. Its all up to me and i can't fail now.

...and then it hit me.

This is what i want my game to be about.

I Need A Coder that can handle a project from start to finish

the game centers around the main character defending his home by scouring the land for resources that he can craft to fortify his house. these events happen during the daytime cycle. you basically race against the clock to gather and fortify your house before sundown... because when nighttime comes, demons come in hoards to attack the house. this is a bit of resource management. all while this is happening you must tend to your wife whenever she calls for you and has a demand. you will be basically juggling priorities
the combat system is based on light combos and simple 4 string button presses at the moment.
i have been working primarily on pixel art, but i did manage to get my character controller and animator set up to work pretty well.
this isn't a huge game.
the game does require a rudimentary dialogue system as well
you would be required to design a day night cycle game manager that kept track of 9 months worth of content. this includes season changes, weather, mommy missions, enemy spawns and so on. the game should have scheduled events that occur during specific times in some cases, and random times in other cases during each day of that 9 month period. think of these as timed mission objectives.
the game needs a save system... enemy ai that can perform a few simple tasks such as track player, track house, track fortification object, circumvent obstacles ect.
the game needs a rudimentary crafting system as well as a branching dialogue system between the main character and his wife.
it would require refinement of the character controller as well
the objective is for you and your wife to survive the 9 months until the child is born

survival/ action/ adventure/ tower defense/ rpg

Matt Lewis
Artist/animator/director/writer/designer - Designer
Matt Lewis
3 years ago
thanks! i think i found a good candidate to code this thing! thanks for the support man!
Howard N Smith
3 years ago
What a clever idea! Looks like fun, I wish you luck!