NED Of The Dead
Published 2 years ago
It was your dream, now it's your nightmare.
The elevator Pitch
NED of The Dead is a role-playing game (RPG) in which a virus is spread in NED university that turns almost everyone to zombie but the people who were not exposed to the virus have to survive together. They need to get out of the university but they are trapped inside and waiting for the arrival of rescue team.
Project Description (Brief):
It is in the Action-Adventure genre. It is similar to most adventure games because the game has an engaging story and an immersive world. It is similar to action games because in the game there will be cinematic action set-pieces that the player will be involved in. It is different to most action-adventure games because there is a lot of freedom given to the player; it’s very non-linear in the way the player can go about progressing through the story. The game has open world elements; the player can explore the university and collect items.
Project Description (Detailed)
The standout feature of this game is that the player has the freedom to play how they like. The game will give the player tools and items to start with but how the player uses those tools is up to them. The player can make their own decisions in the game, play the way they want to, choose their own method to progress through the game. Another feature is that the game will be an engaging, dramatic and enticing story experience that most non-linear open world games do not deliver. It will be a story driven game, in a non-linear, sandbox, open world. One of the most unique feature is that the player will play as a ‘Half Zombie’ character in one of the mission which have never been seen in games before.
World Setting:
The most detailed map of NED University is going to be built for this game. Every part of the university will be covered including all the building of departments, gymnasium, cricket ground, football ground, BCR, GCR, auditorium, canteens, labs and every other stuff which is in university. The player can enter these buildings whenever needed.
Development Tools:
There are several tools / hardware that will be needed for the development of this project:
Unreal Engine
Adobe Photoshop
Mixamo Fuse
Mixamo Auto Rigger
Autodesk Maya
Saad Anees
Game Programmer - Programmer