Published a year ago
Windows; Unity Web Player
Made in 9 days for the GooseberryJam

Necroreaper is a fast-action plataformer where you need to collect souls for continue alive.

We made this project in only 9 days between 3 guys. Selewi - the programmer Kurt Astro - the music Lyud (me) - the artist
The main idea was born of telling the "counterpart" of the hero's story. While initially the core game was very different (we had to face the forces of good using minions that cost the souls collected), we decided to get rid of that part of the gameplay in order to focus on the platforms and offer a faster and more pleasant experience. The game itself is quite simple, and still has details to correct, but it is playable and in our opinion (and that of a large majority) is enjoyable, and that was our main idea.
If you jant to test it, you can play it here:
Paulo Morales
Animator Student and pixelartist, Lyud - Artist
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Windows; Unity Web Player