Nebula Gladiator
Nebula Gladiator is a third-person scifi fighting/platformmer game. In Early 2017, I collaborated with many other students, most notably Izaak Becker (Concept Artist and the one who started all this), Robyn Huffacker (Technical Artist), John Erekson (Project Manager), and Bill Wilden (our other programmer). While we have a long-term goal to publish the third-person version, more recently, I adapted much of the game for a simpler VR survival game.
My role is as the lead programmer. The VR game has been a mostly independent project so far, although it uses the same artwork as Nebula Gladiator. The projects have taught me a lot about establishing a good asset pipeline, since this has required more collaboration with artists than any on my previous projects.
We have a lot planned for the full game, but so far we have one full stage with three arenas and environmental hazards between them, a single playable gladiator named Kara, and two types of robot opponents. The end goal is much bigger, with more stages, more characters and enemies, and multiplayer cooperative gameplay. We hope to be ready for a crowd-funding campaign soon, after the release of the VR game. Please connect with us and let us know what you think!
Ty Kennington
Lead Programmer for Nebula Gladiator - Programmer