Nea demo Act 0
Published 2 years ago
In development
I keep hoping to find a band and I advance the game that I would call a demo, it has scenes that I will edit and also arrange some timeline that are not for my taste, but it shows well that I try to do

the whole thing is only done on Harmony, I'm going to try soon to know how Unity works unless someone wants to really feel that I'm missing

- programmer - lever designer

- a hustler for sounds (including sounds and 5 music) cutscene from the beginning (moving and sad, I think it would be nice to the piano) press start (similar thing) the level (I do not know, can be a mix of her sweet and motivate) the boss (something that rock) happy end scene (go know)

- also make a web page to project I am open to any suggestion to know how to do I cross that I named all that I need otherwise the list of task that remains to be done - the modifications of which I spoke

- advent gameplay scene - when the ship lands a spy comes to do are report

- a group of doctors come out of the ship - Nea (the main character) explores the village enters the house of the small
- walk on a photo that is not supposed to see

- he notices the corpses, the orc, the mother and the father, but misses the small one

- thanks to his helmet, he scans the scene and sees traces of blood that even outside leaves the back door
We arrive at the gameplay I did a little hardware, decor, platform, but it still lacks, it would be in 2 styles of decoration

- at the beginning the zone would be the blue forest, since this village is famous for its medicinal potion thanks to this forest, it lacks can be of tree, bush and especially flowers

- after it is in the icy mountains with a rather normal forest
I already made two enemies, the Cyclops soldier and the goblin drones,

- he just misses doing the orc with a floor smash, his stand buy and his dead
I also started to do the boss's move, the stand buy, the shock wave on the ground (even if it misses a rumble) and the 3 x shot the boss will have a big surprise it will be in 3 phases - Move phase 1 what is missing is

- jump attack - missile launcher that explodes on the ceiling and drops ice spikes to half of his life the boss will charge to get out of the screen leaving a special drone behind, the drone will go hang on to the lives of the boss spawn a shield life bar (that's what I call him) who will take 5 shots to destroy him who gives phase 2 phase 2 is to destroy the shield of the boss by sending back the good ones will launch the move

- It will have adds eliminated (goblin drone) - dropping or rain bomb torpedo missile (finally go find out what I'm going to do)

- The barrage shoot with his 2 hands

- explosion on the ground (the boss puts his hands on the ground create explosions [column of fire] under the player
In phase 3 the boss comes back, but maganer

- Large laser beam from the machine's mouth [including 1 to enter games with a roar DIE HUMAN -5 X Shooting, with 3 explosions on each shot

- Missile rain
Once defeated the machine explodes, but the Goblin pilot will go jet-pack screaming that feels remembered after a bit of walking we'll get to the end custscene

- Nea continues to follow the trail of blood that leads him to a bush with a cave behind

- He entered the cave and finally notices the little one, but with an expression [how to say] a mixture of terrifying and traumatizing

- went quietly to see the girl in the picture [we ended up seeing that it's a family photo handmade] that we return glass present or that the same little girl holds the famous picture and see clearly what had to replace the missing body parts, one arm, two wings and one eye she pours a blade think to her family - then another photo falls that gives her a smile, which leads us to a picture or photo glass each photo represents each important character that I imagined including 6 characters [in fact 5 since 2 of them are twin sisters bear the same passion]
I will say more later, but this is basically my little project if you're interested I can easily be reached on discord
Maxime Benjamin
Nea - Designer
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English; French
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