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Windows; Mac; Linux; Xbox One; PlayStation 4
Naxia is a isometric arpg genre with deep and wide combat system of hack-and-slash, new experience by presenting different kinds of combat system mechanics like action adventure games with unique combo chains that are made of a combination of melee or range movement sets and spells.

About The Game

Naxia is a arpg game with deep and wide combat system of hack-and-slash Gameplay in a new fantasy world. A world that is the new battleground of Angels and Demons. You can be either the female protagonist of the story who survived alone or be any of the three male protagonists, a Former member of the imperial mages consul, a sell sword Barbarian or a cold blood Necromancer, and develop your fighting skills beside your magic powers and ability.
While the world is changing by suspicious activities of demons and angels who are looking to capture the source of power of the earth, you are recruited by commander Skye to empower his recently formed army.
The adventure of each character is unique and specialized for him/her as they experience their own different-personal plot. The game features a unique mechanic called Rage Form that allows players to shape shift into an inhuman creature!

Key Features

  • Deep and Wide Combat System
  • Dynamic and Fast-paced Action
  • Four Different Playable Classes with Different and Unique Gameplay
  • Different and Deep Story for each Class
  • Different type of enemies (+20 type)
  • Extensive Character Development
  • Procedural Content
  • Different type of Bosses
  • Crafting System
  • Unique Skill Tree and Rage Form for each Class
  • Rogue-Like Dungeons and Battle Arenas
  • Collect Hundreds of Items
  • Xbox and PS Controller Setup
  • Secrets
  • Reclaim Skill Points


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Game Languages
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux; Xbox One; PlayStation 4