Navy Ship Training
Updated 2 years ago
Windows; HTC Vive
Learn your way around a ship and how to perform certain tasks
For the Dutch Royal Navy we created a virtual replica of a part of a ship in collaboration with the shipyard. Parts of the machinery were replicated as well allowing users to interact with these systems. In addition we equipped the users with a virtual tablet that served as an information source and guide.
Using this tool the navy is able to train personnel even when the actual ship is unavailable. Users can learn their way around the ship at their own pace as well as the components they need to interact with to perform certain tasks. By the time they set foot on the real ship they will already have the required skills to start their duties as well as the spatial memory you just don't get from books.
Tim van Oosterhout
Senior Software Engineer - Programmer
Supported Platforms
Windows; HTC Vive