Naval Battleship: Storm Combat
Published a year ago
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iOS; Android
Take it down by force whatever comes in to unrest your state integrity. This time enemy, led by their navy admiral, has targeted state’s distant naval army base to take over accompanied sea ranges.
What are you waiting for! Will you let the navy admiral advance in this sea combat easily OR fight for victory?
Hordes of big naval ships carrier of small battleship circling around with combat airstrike helicopters hovering to invade towards army base gathering up for a mega attack. Make a strong resistance and eliminate enemy navy ships getting cover by aerial helicopter all around. Build defense at this far away army base till your allies forces reach at you to encounter this mega naval battleship.
War strike has gone beyond to the land edges to the sea limits. The Admiral commanded air gunner helicopters and sea threatening battleship carrier have left you with no other choice but to bring into action the Ultra Speed Gunship Machine.
Get control on ultra gunship machine crafted with rapid fire and hit guided missile on targets, spotted to clash naval combat. Bombard to shoot down roaring aircrafts through this sole mega weapon. Strike, clash and sabotage resistance to turn out as the solo navy soldier fought for the country pride.

Thrill busting super exciting 5 game levels designed to challenge your combat instincts. Clash with the battleship, aircraft helicopter and naval boats to complete this mission.

➫ Navy warfare arena featuring battleships and gunship helicopter
➫ Supersonic mega fire blaster weapon gun machine
➫ Weapon configuration among Rapid Fire & Guided Missile
➫ Machine gun rotation through 360° degree, turns the game around axis
➫ Multi attack simulation, crafted sea level and air strike combat
➫ Visual stunning battlefield and ocean sight in HD graphic

Unity Certified Developer & Owner AliasSmart - Owner
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Supported Platforms
iOS; Android