Nature Environment Demo - HD SRP
Hope you like, it was really fun but certainly challenging and a bit extenuating at the same time in order to come up with the final results of this one. I realized it a couple of months ago, but haven't been able to post around here due to time constrains / work as this was a personal project to learn more. I wanted to test the waters of the new HDSRP rendering capabilities. Special thanks to Bartlomiej Galas from Nature Manufacture for letting me access their demo material content in advanced for my tests, as well as his support and coaching around their assets / project organization / custom shaders. Now it's all solid proven tech, not such a big deal most likely, but back then it was total hype! ;) I ended up with a different vision in terms of feel (more arid atmosphere) of their assets - but it was my vision since I do live in the tropic, so that's the colors I'm used to around here. So some will like, some will not, that's totally understandable. Even tough, I think the assets behave really great all-in-all and I actually liked the end results quite a lot. Things that could use more work: 1) Camera Path / Transitions 2) Wind simulation - I totally forgot to fine tune the wind simulation parameters, so all foliage is kinda dancing a choreography 'XD 3) Sound Effects Things I gave special love at this one: 1) Enhanced textures resolution 2) Color correction for each texture 3) Added tad of fauna around to make it more lively 4) Volumetrics fine tuning 5) Shaders calibration / fine tuning - materials, decals, displacements 6) Post processing volumes 7) Post processing effects calibration 8) Final mood / lighting and color calibration
Jose Luis Torres Reyes
Game Developer (Unity Certified) - Artist