Natural Front patent to tackle the task of face animation
Published 10 months ago
With a combination of complex math formulas and some optimized code base Natural Front forged face animation software that approached the task in a very unique way.
For starters instead a human animator that uses some of the 3D modeling software packages to create the initial head model our solution uses just one 2D photo. When you import the Unity plugin, first thing that ask you as input is a frontal 2D photo of the model on which you need to mark 10 points on the face picture and then lean back and leave the algorithms to kick in. In around 10 seconds you will be presented with a 3D model of the model head generated from the picture.
Another unique feature is that the model has a custom texture and custom mesh generated that is different for each model / picture combo, which mean that every different photo will generate different 3d head mesh along side its custom texture.
The power of Natural Front software in this part is that taking a process that can last from few hours or days to few weeks and minimizing that time to under a minute !
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