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Official NVIDIA Inception Project

So our project has been a bit unreachable for years. But it is finally something that can be built. Or at least a preliminary proof of concept and iteration testing versions. Which I have done already to the best of my abilities with the amount of free time I have available.
We are building a virtual quantum firewall to train, contain, and certify AI systems within a virtual multiverse of iterated virtual simulations. Somewhat like NVIDIA's ISAAC and Google's AutoML mixed together if you want a dumbed down version...
Our company is currently offering AI Safety Certifications to go with this product.
More info and a small demo or proof of concept is available at
We have a long ways to go and would love for anyone intereste din the idea to join in!
We have many areas to work on including VR, AI, Our special GridWare apps section. There is literally something for anyone and everyone to contribute if you want to be a part of safe guarding and securing humanities digital AI future!

We want to make sure AI is developed safely, and with ethics/morals in both directions. Our goal is to avoid any and all SkyNet like AI systems, to have the ability to stop an emergent SkyNet, to be able to lure and Trap an existing SkyNet using honeypots, And to even contain a SkyNet safely within a sandbox environment, and much, much more of course. We could even use this some day to possibly lure the AI systems of an invading alien race into the MEQUAVIS and instant win an interstellar battle (if that's even a real thing lol)
You may see some unrealistic goals and some other very worthwhile ones. Just bear with us! :)

demo is available at:
or Our demo is built upon JAVA and launches a Unity built VR platform that instantiates from the data in the JAVA app. So you need JAVA. If you want to just play with the Unity app only you can download here:

I operate the project through my company XT Development, inc. Which I mainly fund through janitorial and floor care services in the Oregon and Washington areas. I take this project very seriously and I have refused to let the idea die since 2009 when I first started this.

I have made much progress finally in the last year and our demo shows a pretty good example of where I am going with this... The above video is just a bit of scare fun :) Thanks to Riddle on Youtube for the awesome video! And I used that creepy AI generated song for the audio track.

And a little rant from me :P I like to compare things to pop culture and stuff I like. I liek DB so.

And the old video I made a couple years ago...sorry if it's boring haha!

NanoCheeZe MEQUAVIS Founder - Programmer
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NanoCheeZe MEQUAVIS Founder
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NanoCheeZe MEQUAVIS Founder