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The Yggdrasil's secret

Howdy, my name is Olya, and here i am, trying to catch the last train.
For creating an asset itself i'm using 3dsmax


Since the legend tells us about a Dragon/Serpent (Nidhogg/Nidhoggr) living under the roots, who is also eating not only Yggdrasil's roots , but people too (even though they're criminals according to the legend, whatever), i came up with the idea that the "Hidden Knowlege" may be the very first "thinking" machine created by human scientists and then abandoned at this place since it used human blood/humans themselves to function.
Upd1: the process of creating an asset
Upd2: I need to hurry up, so there's a rough blockout, just to show the composition. I also changed some parts of an asset.
+ Some head concepts. I ended up choosing the 3rd one after asking some of my friends about which one looks better.
Upd3: "no sleep" challenge, mhm. I've changed the composition a bit and remodeled some parts of an asset.
So, in short, the environment asset is almost ready for baking and texturing, meanwhile i'm deciding if should i rip off the dragon's head by dropping the metal beam on his neck, or leave him hanging down from the ceilling.
Upd4: baking&texturng stuff

No worries, still breathing (at least for now).
Still working on baking and texturing. I've already textured 2/3 of an asset(completed parts colored in blue). And i need to model and texture the dragon, of course.
Since i joined one week before the deadline i did't have much time to design and create a complex asset. It's simple, modular, repetative and depends on various textures, so the same objects will look different.
Upd6: well i decided to compile a scene (since a lot of people seem to had done it already). Some details are still missing, but i'm working on it.
Upd7: Added details
Upd8: Did the dragon's head. Due to the lack of time i decided to rip it off the body completely.
Upd9: so, i did it. I'm not satisfied with the result, some normals were baked wrong (it makes me cringe) , but i have no time left :c I'm glad that unity gave me a chance to challenge myself in this contest. I was interested how much i can do within a week with no experience in creating 3D scenes in Unity.

Thank you for your time.
Olya Ryden
a year ago
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Nice.. I'd love to see this in VR :D
J. Hernandez
a year ago
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Nice concept mate. Pump it up you can do it.