N.A.E.T-WSGC Technology Demonstrator
A simple car script i created in unity mostly aiming for a highly realistic engine as a part of my academic project. Some additional tweaks and a little bit of coding and i can drive the car using an android phone , with motion steering too.. i know it's sounds much like the droidpad , but it's much much stable and actually pretty usable ( had done a lot of adjustments regarding how the sensor data is interpreted for steering) , but still has a very long way to go.. (but sorry for the poor first few minutes of the video as i was holding the camera in my right hand and was driving with the left) Car : 5.4L SLR Maclarin , 5 speed auto shift free model from 3dart :-) Track : unity's own old car tutorial track , i made some tweaks and minor adjustments but mostly it's the same package audio : mostly from the web Scripts : built from scratch Engine follows a realistic torque curve with real world shift timing and gear ratios.There are also options for ABS , TC , manual shift , variable drive modes and engine knock simulation, but does not have damage simulation yet Thought about putting the scripts as a free package on the asset store , but there is already too much car packages there, so dropped the idea.
Julin Alex
Software Engineer - Programmer