Mine Your Own Business, an economic MMOG.
My intention is to create a MMOG mainly for mobile audience. for more, by all means send me any comments, happy to partner up with suitably skilled people to help me make this a reality.
Simon Rush
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Simon Rush
3 years ago
ESP Software since 1989
A business mining game but with a few unique twists compared to some other attempts to make athis a compelling game on this subject. Hoping to pick up on the popularity of minecraft, terraria and cypto-currencies. I had this idea over 30 years ago and released a version on the Atari ST written in BASIC so some aspects of the graphical puzzles involved have previously been written and refined by me. I have already spent about 3 months part time getting a working exe written in C in Codeblocks with current devices in mind that has 10-1000 AI players successfully (it doesn't crash after numerous test runs) playing against each other for 1000 rounds. Another 3 or so part time months I've spent designing what I believe are the various screen layouts needed in the game for mobiles. You can see these at Next up I am going to start learning Unity so I can create a better graphic environment to test the gameplay development and add one other minor feature to the mix nd hopefully this is the best platform to create the cross platform versions into the marketplace. So I am looking for anyone who has developed a game that has completed a succesful regular turn cycle game that can help guide or provide the code required for this or refer me to any particular reference points / books / languages that I need to get familiar with. i.e. say every hour on the hour there's a game players revenue generation process for the mines you have built in the game to generate cash to spend. Not sure if this is the best place to find such help, I'm not in a hurry as you can see by the time taken to date to get to this stage.