Myeongdong 2049
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Neon Challenge - Myeongdong 2049 Final Submission
Myeong-dong, the center of Seoul, 2049. The streets have grown steadily vertically due to urban growth and population growth. The huge desire of the big commercial district is decorated with many colorful neon signs.



Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

The Fifth Element (1997) (YouTube)

Night Views in Seoul (Google Images)

Seven Days of Work

  1. Day 1 - Concept Development & Browse Assets
  2. Day 2 - Assets Test & Shader Development
  3. Day 3 - Scene Settings
  4. Day 4 - Camera Settings & Creating a Story
  5. Day 5 - Hover Car Animation using C#
  6. Day 6 - Polishing
  7. Day 7 - Sound Work & Challenge Submission

Day 1 - Concept Development & Browse Assets

  • Unity Cinemachine
  • Unity VolumetricLighting
  • Unity Post Processing Stack
  • Unity Recorder
  • SCI-FI Panels Megapack
  • SCI FI Futuristic City
  • Neon Signs Asset Pack
  • Blade-Runner 2049 Peugot Police Spinner 3D model
  • Free 3D People by Renderpeople
  • 3D Bakery Object

Day 2 - Assets Test & Shader Development

Hologram Shader I imagined an augmented reality hologram projected in space. I did not want to visualize hologram effects simply just by 'add' to the screen. To give a sense of diffuse, I made a hologram shader based on the Unity PBR standard shader.
Scanline Effects To visualize the hologram being projected, I made a noise on the alpha value. Since I wanted the hologram look flat, I made the noise shader using the y-value of the screen space.
Neon Sign Shader Likewise, in order to avoid the signs look simple, I made flickering animation using shaders.

Day 3 - Scene Settings

I wanted to make a scene of really high buildings. I set a y-coordinate of 100 meters high and made a 200 meter long wall first.
The wall was created by combining the SCI-FI panel modules from the Asset Store. (SCI-FI Panels Megapack)
The empty part was filled with cubes and buildings assets. (SCI FI Futuristic City)

Day4 - Camera Settings & Creating a Story

At the beginning, I had no idea of the story. The scene was messed up with a lot of signs and I did not know what to show. I once saw making camera movements with Unity Cinemachine. And I saw the screen and made a story on the spot. It was possible work in a real-time engine pipeline.

Day5 - Hover Car Animation using C sharp

Since it takes a lot of time to animate all over a hundred vehicles, I made vehicles animation using C sharp scripts. Through C#, I created a running vehicle object and placed the objects randomly within the intended location range. Since the random result is different every time scene played, I set the random seed so that the same animation always appears. And since the calculations in C# were not visible on the Timeline, I had to find a random seed that I liked through playing the scene repeatedly.

Day6 - Polishing

Since I was able to check the results of all the elements except vehicles on the screen in real time, I was able to make detailed adjustments such as the process of screen gaze processing, the flow of color on the screen through lighting, and where the lights should be placed to make speculars beautifully. It was really amazing efficiency that such a lot of detailed adjustments such as objects positions, lights and post processing adjustments were possible in one day. If it were not for the real-time video production pipeline, I would not have been able to figure out how to control the scene when I had to put so many signs and elements in the scene. And it would not have ended in a day.

Day7 - Sound Work & Challenge Submission

And it was the last day of submission. I finished sound work and this post in a hurry.


I was able to get ideas from this prototyping for several days. If I have a concept I want to implement, it might be a good idea to shape my idea by creating prototypes quickly. If you have not applied for this Neon Challenge, I encourage you to do some prototyping someday.
Wonkee Kim
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Wonkee Kim
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Seulki Kang멋집니다. 전 이거 보면서 대단하다는 생각 밖에...
감사합니다! 볼륨라이트랑 이펙트 빨이네요!
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멋집니다. 전 이거 보면서 대단하다는 생각 밖에...
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Oh! Then, you're very familiar with Itaewon, too!
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Yes. I was in US Army.
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Angelo JusayGood stuff. I used to shop there.
You had been in Korea! Thank you!