My work outside of Unity
Updated 3 years ago
Everything I'm doing outside of Unity

Java and more:

I've been spending a good chunk of my time working on a purely Java and Swing database application. I don't think it's actually going to be used for anything but working this kind of project has taught me a lot of new skills.
One of the most important libraries I've learned to use is Java Database Connection (JDBC). Before this project, I knew it existed but I had no idea how to do anything with it. I'm now able to manage a complete database. I'm really proud of what I've learned and think knowing such a skill will become a vital skill in my career.
I've also learned a lot about the more in-depth tools and nomenclature of Swing. I did know how to create a new Window and do basic things within it but my skills stopped there. With this project I've learned how to make multi-pane windows with Icons and a host of more controls. With this, I gained the understanding of multi-thread management for a Swing application.

IT Skills:

Outside of all of my personal projects and goals, I have an actual job to attend to. As much as I'm an Intern, I'm responsible for a host of things within the company. The amount of things I've learned while with this job is innumerable. A fair chunk of my programming knowledge and Repo/Project management skills have come from being apart of this company.

All this to say, I am never done learning and hope to continue to work forward with a constant flow of new knowledge. Even more so, I want my skills outside of Unity to help me with my in-Unity skills.
Spencer Peck
Programmer - Student