My Wedding Arcade Game!
To make our wedding more personal (and nerdy) I made a fun arcade game which could be played on a homemade wooden arcade cabinet!
A Wedding Game? My wife and I got married in november 2016. At that time I was learning to work with Unity and PlayMaker to make my own games. The wedding was a perfect deadline! The result was this fun but hard game with bad collision (I'm not a programmer). I also made an arcade cabinet from rough wood. It looked great and made the wedding party a bit more personal (and nerdy).
The Game In the game you play the pixel version of me. The game starts with a little intro. I am designing behind my computer and then I realize I forgot the time! I jump on my longboard and hurry to get to the wedding! In real life I have a longboard and I’m quite a dreamer, so I thought this little setup would be appropriate. The game mechanics are easy: press the jump button at the right time. But it’s actually pretty hard to beat the game. Only at the end of the wedding more and more people came to me to tell me that they’ve beaten the game!
The Pixel Art Stye At our home we have a Pixel Art family illustration besides the door. This was my inspiration for the artstyle. People close to us know this image so I found it suitable to keep this artstyle for the game. Besides, it fits the classic arcadey gameplay of the game.
Maarten van Broekhoven
Game- & Multimedia Designer at Rightside(.nl) - Owner