My Video Game History
Updated 25 days ago
Why I Chose to Work in the Industry

Early Years

My first experience with video games started when my parents brought in a Playstation 2. The Playstation had a collection of old 80s arcade treasures on it, including the first game I ever played, Paperboy. I was very young at that point, but as I grew older, I began to explore different options. This led me to stumble across my favorite game when I was about 5, Spyro: A Hero’s Tale. It was the first game that had ever caught my eye, and I was pleased with exclusively playing it for a long time. However, my continually evolving interest in video games urged me to explore other titles and consoles.


I switched over to Xbox and Nintendo consoles in my pre-teens, exploring the options and controls each one granted me. At this stage in my life, I would officially consider myself a gamer. Not just because of my playtime with with each console, but because I enjoyed playing games for more than their pretty visuals and addictive mechanics. I began to enjoy them for the stories they told. They made me feel a way that nothing in real life could quite capture. During this time, I also developed a specific love for open-world games and RPGs. These, in my opinion, were the best types of games because their freedom of choice and exploration.


Due to my love for games that allow you to choose your story, I realized that I wanted to be a part of the game developing process. I want to be behind the scenes forming a world that someone can one day explore. I want to allow people to feel that same awe and wonder I felt as a child seeing a purple dragon glide through the endless skies. I’ve learned that real life is boring compared to the adventures we have inside our head. Therefore, my goal as a video game creator is to make games that act as a canvas for those adventures. The freedom and endless opportunities that video games grant us, both as players and creators, is why I love them and the industry so much. I feel this freedom should be built off of more often, which is what I plan to accomplish with a game development team.
Riahn Lee Morton
Aspiring Storyteller and Game Programmer - Student