My Startup Story
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My Startup Story is a simulation game where you, a person who dont get a job after trying to get one for a month, decided to make your very own startup. Luckily, you have a manager that will help you run your startup. The game aims to teach you the basic knowledge and senses to start building your startup in a fun way!
You can try the game here :


  • Create your own company
  • Hire and manage staff to create the best team for your company
  • Train and Motivate your staff to increase their productivity
  • Get to know your employees to find what’s their likes & dislikes
  • “Book of Law”, set rules for your work place that can affect your employee's productivity
  • Journal which contains fact about how to manage employees for a company


This game is heavily inspired by GameDev Tycoon but instead of focusing on making games, you’ll have to develop, organize, and control activities in your company. Start your research, get to know your staff, and set rules for your office to increase productivity!
Inspired by Frostpunk "Book of Laws", This game has book of laws which allow you to set rules in your office that can affect your staff's productivity, such as:
  • Allow animals : +25% productivity for pet lovers, -25% productivity for pet haters
  • Forbid animals : +25% productivity for haters, -25% productivity for pet lovers
  • Allow smoking : +25% productivity for smoking employees, -25% productivity for non-smoking employees
  • Forbid smoking : +25% productivity for non-smoking employees, -25% productivity for smoking employees
  • Clean desk : +25% productivity for employee who likes clean desk
  • Creative desk : +25% productivity for employee who likes "messy" desk
  • Better vacation : -25% vacation time, +25% vacation cost
  • Strict vacation : +25% vacation time, -25% vacation cost

Featured Tools and Assets

By using Scriptable Object, i made databases for employees, projects, rules, and facts for the game.
Post Processing Stacks is used to make the graphic better
I'm using ProGrids for easy snap when making the office room
Using TextMesh Pro for high quality text in the game

Due to late realization about the competition (less than a month), I decided to use some assets from AssetStore. Here is a list of assets used :
  1. Simple People 2 – Cartoon Assets –!/content/82661
  2. Simple Office Interiors – Cartoon assets –!/content/38028
  3. Happy Music Pack –!/content/15530
  4. Mega Game Music Collection –!/content/54687
  5. DoTween PRO -
  6. Odin Inspector and Serializer -


Thanks to my friend, she made this cute icon to show what's the employee doing. can you guess what they mean ? :)
She also did some retexturing for the assets we used
Here is a placeholder UI before I start working to integrate the UI. Productivity system is also still missing at that time.

Future work

I have more ideas to put into the game but can't due to not having enough time to finish it on time for this challenge. For example :
  1. Customize your own office and yourself
  2. More in-depth strategy for the simulation
  3. Custom events to act as more challenge for company to survive
  4. and more...
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It is actually pretty fun:)
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Indie Game Dev
Reminds me a Game Dev company simulator