My Reverie
Updated 2 years ago
In development
Mac; Windows
My Reverie is 2D-puzzle platformer with a strong focus on narrative.
Been working on this project for about four weeks and it is going pretty well. I would love to change some of the aesthetics - moving further away from that Thomas Was Alone vibe. However it is currently not a priority. The game shows a story about a man (could as well be a woman) envisioning his future. He is dreaming about how he will overcome challenges, which types of people he will meet, whether he will fall in love and more. Let's just say this is not a happy story. I appreciate any feedback that might be possible based on the small video and screenshots. Will be uploading further updates - as the project moves along.
Christopher Nelson
Game- & Level Design & Coding - Designer
Malte Hølledig
Level designer, Game designer, Programmer - Student
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Mac; Windows