My Life with Video Games
Published 21 days ago
By Brooke McGuire

My Past with Video Games

Throughout my life video games have always been a huge influence. When I was little my dad would play old RPGs like Godfather and some of the first Grand Theft Auto games while I sat there and watched enthusiastically. From that moment on I played a lot of different games starting with one of those VTech VSmile devices for educational gaming when I was around four years old. I think the first game I ever played on it was either "The Lion King: Simba's Big Adventure" or "Dora the Explorer: Dora's Fix-it Adventure" and I remember them being extremely entertaining.

How Gaming Shaped Me

I have always been allowed to play video games during my upbringing. Whether it be educational like when I started on my VSmile or my senior year of high school when I spent hours on XBOX live with my closest friends. Video games have aided in molding a lot of different skill sets for me such as hand-eye coordination, attention to details, and time management, just to name a few. As crazy as it sounds, I would even argue that without influence of gaming I probably would not be the person I’ve become today. This being said, I wanted to get involved in the gaming industry to possibly learn to develop ways to help others escape from their realities and maybe even influence people's lives in a similar way to how my upbringing was influenced by gaming.

Change in the Gaming World

If there would be anything I could change about the gaming world I think I would like want to work on the stigma that surrounds “gamer girls”. The stereotypical ways that people tend to view and portray girls who play video games has become a double edged sword in today’s society. I believe that people who play video games should just be that: people who play video games. The gender divide has gone on long enough and I think it’s time that we all just learn to game as a giant community of people who share a common passion.
Brooke McGuire
Future BS of Psychology/Anthropology Grad - Student