My Heart
This application was made for monitoring the senior users' actions and heart-beat. It is a healthcare solution which provides a soothing VR experience for the users. VR video player plays a selected video from among a few. Created using Unity for Gear VR, Galaxy S6, and GearFit 2 Pro. In collaboration with MyndVR and Prof. Ryan McMahan at UT Dallas. The application stores the heart-beat and action logs.
Move around head to select some video thumbnail. The user then opens the app on the Samsung phone and inserts the phone into the Gear VR headset, and the video will start playing and the app will connect to the watch. The user can rotate his/her head around to see the video being played. The user can swipe up or down on the GearVR touchpad to display the live data from the Gear Fit2 Pro watch. The user can swipe again to hide the data. The data regarding the heart-beats per minute and motion is displayed on the HUD when the user opts to display it. The name of the application generated is MyHeart. Special mention: Google Image Raycast for VR, MyndVR for providing the videos, GearVR, GearFit2 Pro and Galaxy S6
Aditya Prakash
Unity Developer - Programmer