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A collection of my Game Design projects

Game Design

Specimen 14

Deprive of all memory, stuck in a maze of your own past. Is it a prison? Is it a dream? Who is he? Am I dead?

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Rangdol Gephel is a "blinded" monk, on his journey to attain enlightenment. His path is illuminated only by his will power, and by his master who overlooks his consciousness. Transforming his will into light, Rangdol senses the world around him.
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It was Me

A thief is not just quick feet and quick hands. What defines a true genius in this profession , is patience, the ability to plan meticulously. Improvisation is not a thief's virtue. If it is not planned, it is not correct. It is not a job-profile suited for the hasty. An expert knows when to back off and when to proceed.
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This is a serious game concept to make the players understand the existing problems faced by auto drivers and passengers.

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The Central idea of the game is a 'Prison Break'. It is an observation based game, in which you must be dependent on your immersion and deduction. Plan as much as you want, short term or long term. You just have to escape.
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Line of Control

A game between two teams. The objective is to capture the block at the centre of the board and bring it back to your starting point.

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Aagey se Right

A game to help the players understand various rules and regulations to follow while on the road, as a driver. It is meant to be used as a training tool/ add-on when applying for a driver's license in India.

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After Earth

A Card Game, to be played between 3 teams/ players, with dependency between teams. An overarching concept which can divide the parties as Rival 1, Rival 2, vying for the support of an Organization, all named in that order.
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