My Game Design Evolution
Updated 3 years ago
Starting Off
As a single developer, it can be a very daunting task for a young individual. I, being 20 years old, have taken different leaps, steps and barrel rolls to find the route in which was placed right in front of me. But, they were never really clear to me as they aren't for everyone else on this planet; the great guess in life. I was shown my future at the age of eight years-old. My father and I was engulfed in the world of Ninja Gaiden. We were experimenting with different combos, completing the game on the highest difficulty, and starting my love for a game's design. Going from an XXY combo to figuring out the delay times and AI characteristics of enemies greatly improved my skills of analysis and implementation. My father noticed these adaptations and made the biggest decision of my life for me, he started me on C programming.

"Hello World."

As I made my computer print these words for me, I started to realize that I was entering a new world. Planted in a seat with a "C for Dummies" book, I wondered what else I could make my computer do. Could it talk? Write for me? Do my homework!? I was a kid so irrational questions were sorta my thing, but now I ask myself, "could I have really made my computer handle itself for me?" Thinking about advancing the future of humans sure does sound interesting, but games are more interesting so I stuck with it. Since then, I've went from C to C# where I've rooted since; dipping my toes in Java, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, and C++ ever so often. And I've been proud of my results. Creating a small Dark Souls kinda game has fed my hunger for programming, but I'm greedy and want more of the game design entrée.

So, here I am.

Creating small games to improve my skills so that I can assist a company one day. They have also taught me that you can never learn enough, and to do something towards your future on a daily basis. Which explains this article and the haphazardness of it. I want to start off and more importantly FINISH off. The Unity Community is my step ladder to success, and I hope that the actual community will accept me with open arms. Getting out there is the main course for me right now and programming will forever be my greatest entrée.
Joshua Butler
Independent - Programmer
Paul Banks
2 months ago
I want you to tell me more about this project. You can post some info here if you want. It's easy to do that.
Ashwin kumar
2 years ago
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Joshua Butler
3 years ago
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