My first pack as publisher : Tasty Characters

Hello Unity family, I'm Séverin and I launched a crazy challenge, that of becoming an asset publisher exclusively dedicated to Unity . This showcase will tell you about the implementation of the project and a Post Mortem to point out the tops and flops I met.


The main idea of ​​my vision of Asset Publisher is above all the consistency of the packs; It was dangerous for me to juggle different artistic styles, like submitting realistic sets and then submit a cartoon style the next pack. Neyh, it's not good at all, it seems that it pulls in all directions, but especially by doing that the packs will not complement each other. So first super simple rule , that all my future packs can be combined to a single project.
Ok Sev, you have not started yet that you already put barriers! Indeed, it's to better follow a rail and arrive safely, I do not know you, but it's very important for me to have a frame fast enough, know what you want and by deduction, know what we do not want ;)


  1. Create fun and clean packs of assets of all kinds made with love.
  2. Doing what I love is the best way to flourish in the long run : 3
  3. Betting on what I can do, I have not been artists for 20 years in Video Game to put me to pottery, or code, Machine Learning etc (it looks exciting, but it will be in another life I thought).In short, we focus on the know-how, and we do not reinvite the wheel with what we do not know how to do. Simple.


Concretely, I work on Flash, it helps me to have the rigor and cleanliness of the vector, nothing that exceeds, no artifice, solid shapes, clear colors and pop '. I help with a quick sketch that I scan, and go.
The task being long, it is necessary to segment the missions to better control its subject and not to demotivate itself. Also, I need accessible Assets, quite generic so not too drenched for easy integration projects everyone.
This is where I find my main idea, digging into my references, I decided to mix two ideas: Lego Minifigures and Game of Thrones. The goal is to create families of characters, to oppose them, but to have a character template scalable for homogeneity.


Character production

Ok I'm going on 60 characters (outch) that I'm going to separate into 4 families around a heroic fantasy universe: Village, Castle, Forest and Sea. Which in the end will make me 4 packs of characters who oppose.

Understand the submission process

Honestly, if I succeeded, it is that the submission on the Asset Store is accessible to all =) The doc is clear , proceed by step and you will see the end of the tunnel more faster than you think .

Wait for Approval

Well I admit I found it very long (2 months instead of a month announced), but I did not submit at the ideal time since it was during the end of year holidays. I also had 4 packs and not only one to validate. But you can not imagine happiness when we receive the approval email. It was worth the wait believe me.



  • The preparation of the project and the submission to the Asset Store was surprisingly easy, once again, do not formalize on the technique, it goes alone.
  • The panel Publisher is simple and complete, it helps me a lot because it centralizes everything the Store needs to reference you.
  • Stars on my packs, people download, test and rate. It is a precious return for me to know what works and what does not work. Moreover, it is super encouraging his positive feedback :V


  • Visibility is the nerve of war, very quickly, my adored characters found themselves on page 8 of the category 2D characters, it was a big blow. I reacted quickly by recalculating my prices and putting 2 free packs. As a result, the free packs are downloaded every day and I make some sales on the 2 paid packs.
  • I did not know how to set up google analytics but I'm sure there is something to do to study who downloads what, where and how. This is a point to solve for my next packs, I lose hope. Limit I will ask for help to my entourgae just in case.
  • I have voting type feedback, but no feedback type comments, yet the free packs are much imported, the same for the 2 paid packs. I have to come up with an idea to get people to give me an opinion because they do not do it naturally.


Thank you for reading, I hope to see you soon for new packs, certainly sets this time, based on the same family principle.
Thanks also to the visionaries who bought my pretty characters packs, do not hesitate to comment and vote, it will allow me to have more visibility.
Village Pack // Forest Pack // Castle Pack // Sea Pack
My portfolio: here
Severin BACLET
Level designer / Environment Artist - Artist