Some of my oldest memories
Updated a year ago
My first “culinary education”: The Snail
This is an old memory from my childhood. I was in the garden, watching some plants, trees, until some creature took my attention. It was a snail. It’s movement was so interesting to me. I thought maybe it could have a nice taste. And so I ate it.

My favorite toys

One morning I woke up and found all my toys right next to me, as if they wanted to play with me.

My dearest lost kite.

It was a sunny and windy spring day. I was with my friend to fly kites. But another guy, using “hilo curado”, -a line with pieces of glass- flew his kite across mine, cutting my kite's string. Bon voyage beautiful kite!


I modeled all the characters and assets in Maya, sculpted some of them in zBrush; retopology in Topogun; UV in UVLayout; baked in xNormal, substance painter, MightyBake and zBrush (depending what was better in the moment); textured in zBrush and Substance Painter. Then I made the rig and animations in maya. All the behavior (very basic just to communicate the idea) was set up in Unity using Mecanim and a few lines of code (that's difficult for me). I also used some classical music (Prokofiev), from some old records, just for the mood; they are not mine. The light and rendering was done in Unity with a few point lights, one direct light and of course using PostProcessing. TimeLine with 3-4 cameras and Recorder for final encoding in mp4.

Final Video

Diego Infante
3D artist Character Modeler - Artist