My First 3D Asset
My first proper attempt at creating 3D assets. I guess this is my personal "Hello World" project for 3D asset creation.
This is the final (hopefully photorealistic enough) render after about 13 hours of work, which included about 10 hours of watching YouTube tutorials by Blender Guru (so very grateful 🙏🏼), punctuated by, in total, about another 3 hours of wallowing in despair and confusion, and mentally supplicating to the Internet while I Googled for additional answers.
Just a few things that stood out to me: 1) the reflection of the donut and plate on the mug and 2) the fainter reflection of the mug on the marble surface. I'm amazed by the amount of research, intellect and teamwork that must go into developing software like Blender, Unity and the Adobe suite. To get a bunch of 1s and 0s to mimic reality to this extent is pretty damn amazing.
*Note: And a third point: I realized later that the two white walls in the back didn't align correctly, creating a V-shape that intersects the donut...fortunately this doesn't affect the rendered image but it's noticeable in the Wireframe View.
Software: Blender v2.76 (Linux)
CPU (No GPU Processing 😐): Intel i5 (4 cores)
Rendering Engine: Cycles Renderer
Colour Transform: Filmic Log Encoding Base
Rendering Time: 10 minutes 20.54 seconds
Render Samples (Per Pixel): 100
Number of Faces: 97,560 (something I definitely gotta work on)
Number of Lamps: 3
Syed Nasir
Unity Developer - Student