My dearest memories
Updated a year ago
Time goes fast
Hello there! Well i want to show you some of my dearest memories of my life. For this scenes i used Maya and Unity as my main tools.

The music room of my highschool.

This is my first memory, when i was in highschool i used to think a lot in music and i wanted to join in a music group, so i asked my parents (for months) to get me a guitar, after a lapse of time they agreed with the condition of don't failing any subject, i finally joined to a music group, and this is very much the music room of my school, it was small and empty, but it was not big deal, we did what we liked, to play music.

The pool in which i learned to swim.

In second place i have this memory. It's funny because i have this memory as one of my dearest and one of the scariest.
At first, when i was a little kid (like 4 or 5 years old) my parents took me into a public pool and tried to teach me how to swim, or at least to float, but i don't wanted to, it scared me a lot, but they finally get me into the pool and made me do some excercises of holding breath and that kind of stuff. With the years i took some kind o love to water and i get into a swiming team, this is the perfect example of doing things that maybe scare you, but it can be with the time something you can love.

Astrophotography camp.

And this is it, my last memory.
It was like a year ago, my girlfriend invited me to a photography camp. At first I was just going to be her company, but when I realized, I was immersed in the world of photography, and the magic came up when the night fell, a basic course of astrophotography and a beautiful sky were enough to made me fall in love with that world I had just discovered.

Thanks for watching!