My dearest memories
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My memories
Through my short life, I've had a lot of experiences that I carry with me till this day. Some of them were bad, some were good but every single one of them had a specific time and space. The places where they occurred may change through time, but will always be the same in my memory.
My first memory is about my grandmother's house, I lived in the for almost four years, and it was my playground, I remember it as a big castle where I played a lot of different things, the fun never ended in there. Even nowadays, when I visit my grandmother and I see her house, nostalgia and joy comes to my heart .
To elaborate this model I had to remember how use to look my grandmother's house. I used some google map references too. I started with the house, then with the front, the stairs and at the end with all the props. I gave it simple textures trying to gave it the look that it had when I was little. I used Blender and Photoshop for the modeling and texturing process and then I imported it to Unity. In this model in particular, the part I enjoyed the most was doing the chairs.

My second memory is about my house living room. It hasn't been that much since my family lives there, but I just love to be surround by all the photographs my mom has there and there is where I go and play in my brother's PS4. There I finished games of the sagas I love and watched movies, series and cartoons with my family too.
For the process of this living room I used photos I had of it, I gave it textures and materials to the models and I tried to simplify the shapes too. I used Blender and Photoshop and then I imported it to Unity.

My third and last memory for this entry is a beach. I come from a city where I saw the beach everyday and now that I don't live there anymore is one of the things I miss the most. I loved seeing every days new sunset.
For this low poly model I did six different palm trees so it would look more natural. At first I had no idea of how to do it, but it shaped in the process. I used only materials and the water has a material with a little bit of transparency. I elaborate the skybox too. As the two models before, this was made in Blender and the imported to Unity.
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Nice models and textures on the house :)