My Customer - AirFrance KLM Engineering
Published 9 days ago
On the engineering airplane maintenance team side, Air France wanted to improve its internal staff training and reduce the possible operational errors that may happen from maintenance teams. AIRFRANCE INDUSTRIES and KLM Engineering took the opportunity to design a game with Findyourway agency (us) to have the staff learning during the training sessions within a game called "My Customer". The purpose was to play the game, and learn how to improve the ways of working as well as avoid mistakes which can cost a lot to the company when dealing with the clients and operations. We produced a "serious" game of goose where the player would advance and face questions and challenges to answer and learn about operations on the field. We decided to use Unity to bring the game alive, and we have created some characters with our designers and our Unity developers that look alike the teams from the engineering team.
the game is internal to AIRFRANCE and KLM and their ownership.
Jean Charles Salvin
Game Designer - Executive
Game Languages
English; French; Dutch
Supported Platforms