My Campus
Updated 3 years ago
I like to spend time with animals on campus, read books when birds are cooing and tweeting. enjoy feeding squirrels, fish and magpies.
Tools I used : Blender 2.79 and Unity 5.6.1, Wacom Bamboo One
I'm very happy I can model these animals recently. About 5 months ago I modeled a red car which looked liked a smashed tomato and I thought I can never model better than that.
I make the models in Blender 2.79, I started by hard surface modeling and later moved to organic bodies. I made chairs, piano, portraits in library's gallery, trees, walkways, rocks, pond, lake, temple, light pole. I take pictures myself to create textures, I view them many times in Unity to apply bump maps and varied lighting. I need to learn more modeling for animals and rigging animated characters, but I also made flags which wave with the wind. The good thing about making game in campus is that the context is authentic. I can live inside it everyday and observe to replicate the real environment. Update April 27: I added about 20 more buildings, traffic cones, basketball goals, light poles, walkways, pavements. Now you can both walk or drive a car. For buildings I used google maps as base plan.

Lei He-Jun
雷禾鈞 - Student
Farrukh Abdur
3 years ago
3d Artist / Game Designer
Good start :)