My Blobby
Published a year ago
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A Virtual Pet Game where you can adopt and take care of a Nippon Blobby!

Customize the looks of your Blobby with over 15 styles!

Play around with your Blobby using different toys like footballs and hoverboards!

Customize your house with over 18 designs using the help of your Blobby!

* Rewards and surprises:

After completing every level, users will be rewarded with new blobbies and additional features will be unlocked. Upon continuous login, they will get a Blobby keychain on the 30th day.

New AR Mode - You can now interact with your Blobby in real world space! Just use your camera and take a shot with your Blobby! Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter and other media for rewards!

Lots of Addictive Minigames!

* Stack - Jump your way up the stacks of boxes!
* Paint the Sky - Splash the sky with colours of Blobbies!
* Weather Guard - Block the balls with your Shield, but let your Blobby buddies land!

Skytou Studios
Founder / Art Manager - Producer