My Biography
Updated 9 months ago
A short biography of mine and how I intend to use Unity Connect. This is a repost of the introduction I posted in the "Introduction" channel.
Hello Unity Developers!
I’m Steffen Itterheim, Senior Unity Developer and Team Lead currently on vacation writing from beautiful Baltic Sea island of Hiddensee (Germany). :)
I’m from Stuttgart and looking forward to my new job as team lead at Stoll von Gáti starting in September. I have been team and tech lead for the past 3 years at PIXOMONDO Images where I used Unity to implement challenging AR/VR projects.
Before these two jobs I was working as a freelance software developer and book author for 6 years (active Cocos2d user and developer) and another 10 years in the game industry at Electronic Arts (BattleForge), Phenomic Games (SpellForce) and NEON Studios (various GameBoy Color/Advance titles).

To keep entertaining the idea of writing my third tech book (I wrote Learn Cocos2d and Learn SpriteBuilder) I intend to write articles on my UC profile with best practices and sharing my experience as senior developer and whatever my team struggled with or succeeded in.

I would feel delighted if you were to follow my profile!

My first best practices article should appear within the next two weeks and I’m going to maintain a weekly schedule of updates as I reflect upon my team’s work and what I’ve learned - I consider this as part of my job. And if you are currently or in the future seeking a job in Stuttgart, Germany you have even more reason to follow me since Stoll von Gáti is always looking for new Unity talent!

Keep on creating great content!

PS: After having spent a couple days on UC, I want to strongly encourage you to complete your profile! Far too many profiles are empty. UC has great potential and everyone benefits from a growing Unity-centric social network, the minimum investment from anyone is to fill in and to keep updating their profiles. Thanks!
Steffen Itterheim
Unity Enthusiast, Team & Tech Lead - Manager