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Android; Gear VR; Other VR; Windows
Online multiplayer mobile virtual reality F.P.S. game "Colony Avengers"
The Colony Avengers is up to 8 players simultaneously access in mobile virtual reality F.P.S. Game. It feels like old version "DOOM" style and battle styles like "Counter-Strike" and "Half-Life".
You can free download beta version at Oculus store and Google play store.
Background Story
Humans leave the increasingly desolate planet and begin to look at space exploration. They began various studies to exploit space and projected into various groups to minimize the risk of failure. After the journey of the faraway universe and the difficulty of discovering a new life, two groups finally succeeded in each new planet. But human desire was endless, and the two groups began to contend with each other's desire for planetary domination.
"Tanatos", the first group to successfully exploit the planet, determine the name of the universe federal state and to subdue another group, "Pagan." The administration orders for each planet's governance, as well as the space exploration project and the migration plan, have proceed dogmatic by "Tanatos". In response, "Pagan" declared independence and began to against the "Tanatos" federal government. The age of space war was just beginning.
Feature of Colony Avengers
Up to 8 players make the group or individual and gun-shooting each others. It support mobile and all-in-one virtual reality H.M.D. such as Gear VR, Cardboard VR, Daydream view, Goblin(scheduled), Oculus go(scheduled), VIVE Focus(scheduled) and also support common blue-tooth controllers like Xbox 360 controller and Gear VR controller. The Colony Avengers has variety maps and rules such as "Death match", "Occupation match", "Survival match". Especially observation mode is viewing players view and top view for broadcast on live and E-Sports. Also it can 360 degree panoramic screen real-time transmit to YouTube and AfreecaTV.
Exciting broadcast and E-Sports
If you have interest to E-Sports and game broadcast, well you can join that very easily. Colony Avengers support your broadcast to online using observation mode. We will organizing E-Sports about Colony Avengers league and you can challenge the league anywhere because it does in online.
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Supported Platforms
Android; Gear VR; Other VR; Windows