“Museo de Los Niños” Application
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Windows; Android
On August 7, 2015 the historically recognized "Children's Museum" of Venezuela in celebration of its 33 anniversary, decided to incorporate as Augmented Reality Tool Next Generation Technology to add unique value to their presentations. Likewise, the Museum creates a Board of Augmented Reality where LAMEDAS was responsible for the design and development of the platform and each of the experiences that live museum visitors, is really amazing to see the applications uses the contribution to education and entertainment that make the Children's Museum now a "Smart Museum" with Augmented Reality experiences, first in Venezuela and one of the very few in the world. They have also designed the characters of the "Children of the Pandillita" collectible Barajitas Museum where Come to Life !! ... Look for barajitas characters at the shop of the Museum, share your photos and experiences on social networks. Also in the Museum shop you will find our book "Reaching for the Stars" Cooooool !!!
Carlos Lameda
Programmer - Programmer
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Windows; Android