Muse -Tools
Muse-Tools is a suite of components and assets specifically designed to help museum curators create their own exhibitions without relying on other professional figures. Developed as final graduation project, main feature of the suite is a node based system to procedurally create one-floor buildings. Once the component is added to a GameObject, four starting nodes are added to the scene, and from there users will be able to connect them with each other, add more or delete the existing ones. Once they are satisfied with their structure, users can click the "Create Walls" button in the inspector and the final building is procedurally generated. The building creation comes with automatic room detection, it creates a different floor mesh with UV coordinates and predefined texture, it creates a different submaterial for each room and fully tessellate it. Once the building is created, users can further customize them by adding, modifying or deleting doors and windows. All modifications are done in a non disruptive way, all the fixtures' operations keep track of UV coordinates and materials, keeping the building appearance constant through the process.
PhD Student in Emerging Digital Technologies - Educator