Muscle Traffic
Updated a year ago
In development
Android; iOS
Highway racing arcade game with its original mechanics and original game design. Go through the story line, collect cars, upgrade cars and find your driving style
The game has five tasks:
1) The passage of the storyline
2) Improving cars
3) Buying cars
4) Passing the levels with the maximum result
5) Free-ride. In this mode, all the maps and machines that we opened during the campaign are available. The results of the free raid go to the players' rating table
6) Competition between players (multiplayer)
Devstruction Games
Devstruction Games
Full stack game development - Manager
Viktor Nikolaenko
Unity3D Developer - Programmer
Oleg Sobovoi
3D - Artist
Pavel Izotov
Tech Lead - Programmer
Game Languages
Russian; English
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS