Murder in dystopia
Updated a year ago
Dark and rainy..
So I realized I should probably start documenting my work in here. I'm working without too much pre-defined concept. Ideas come from the usual - scifi movies etc. I'll try to twist it a bit by designing those neon signs to give a little contrast.. :) I have never yet touched the Timeline or Cinemachine.. :D I have wanted to and this challenge will act as a crash course for me. !
I started with some crude blockout in Blender. The scene's idea began to build up in my head..
Then I bought a few assets from PolygonR: The drone and the robot. Otherwise I'm working with self made or free assets. And all of the stuff I'll be modeling myself are pretty much in a block-out phase..
I'll try to keep this updated more frequently, but here are some screenshots:

Few more screenshots before bedtime.. :) I'm loving the PPS_V2... I think I got the mood about where I wanted. Next few days I'll try to model and texture out stuff. Then I'll dive into the timeline and cinemachine!
Trying to make the scene look a bit more "scifi" :D So I modeled some new things.. A more futuristic road and those bridges. I also made those big battery like elements. They're made with Unity's own cylinders.. And added lot more neon lights to the scene.

Jussi Korhonen
3D artist, Unity developer - Programmer