Murder! At The Strand
Murder! At The Strand was an immersive theatrical experience co-created by playwright Corey Bradberry & myself. The show begins in unusual fashion: a brand new play is about to debut & the production is desperate for investors. The audience is brought in to preview the show, only to witness a dramatic, "accidental" electrocution and subsequent two-story fall of the lead performer. Patrons are then deputized by a police authorities and tasked in uncovering the murderer. This interactive experience spanned all three main floors of the gorgeous Earl & Rachel Smith Strand Theatre. As game designer, I crafted every detailed piece of evidence (~30 pieces in total, including fake scripts, emails, and shady contracts) found in the space, as well as many of the interactions between guests and the respective suspects. One of our suspects, the director Wendy Bag, has a unscrupulous e-mail on her laptop. As part of the puzzle design, I created a Unity 3D-based e-mail landing with several interactive elements for players to scrutinize. Mocking up the email profile ensured that we could steer players into finding the information we needed them to, without having to mess with the actual operating system or opening a real web-page.
Jeremy Ledbetter
Immersive Designer & Game Developer - Programmer