For this project i created a real time 3D walkthrough application based on an interactive environment, designed and realized with and for secondary school students in order to raise their awareness about their local heritage, in particular the Medieval Walls of Grosseto, Tuscany, one of the rare examples in Italy of defensive walls remained nearly intact to this date. The project asked the students to realize 2D drawings of significant Points of Interest around the city and to design a simple UI to navigate these points. Once all the drawings were collected, a WebGL application was designed with the idea to keep the highest degree of fidelity with the drawings while giving students a pleasant 3D environment to visit. Two papers were published following this project: • Carrozzino, Marcello, Chiara Evangelista, and Riccardo Galdieri. "Building a 3D interactive walkthrough in a digital storytelling classroom experience." Informatica 40.3 (2016). • Carrozzino, Marcello, Chiara Evangelista, and Riccardo Galdieri. “Interactive VR for the dissemination of local heritage in schools “, Presented at the International Multiconference Information Society – IS2016, 10-14 October 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia Due to copyright limitations, HD pictures can be found in the publications mentioned above only.
PhD Student in Emerging Digital Technologies - Educator