Mundus VR
Updated a year ago
MundusVR is a virtual reality application for storytelling purposes. Allows you to craft a virtual environment by placing 3D objects, terraforming, applying textures and changing the sky. Also, it provides the ability to record yourself inside the game to document your story in 360 video form. All the interactions are done using your hands inside VR thanks to a hand tracking sensor.
Problem Statement(s):
User: Science Communicator
Problem(s): As a science communicator it is important to me to clearly and concisely explain concepts that are complex in nature (eg, protein structures, add more). Visualisation of models and scenarios in 2 dimensions has been shown to be intuitive and easy to grasp. However, as models get more complex, 3-dimension visualization can better extend these characteristics and facilitate better learning of a concept. Another major limitation to learners’ scientific education is access to scientific experiments, apparatus and locations of interest. Thus, it is less efficient to explain concepts using only 2 dimensions because it complicates audience engagement in explanations and exhibit scenarios, especially those certain ones that can be expensive and dangerous to approach.
Business case:
VR provides visualization in 3 dimensions, and allows the user to interact in a virtual world, making for a more immersive experience for the user, which establishes better connection, retention and recollection in the brain. It also creates a safe virtual environment, resulting in an inexpensive way to simulate difficult situations. Virtual Reality allows the science communicator to visualize field trips, experiments and practice laboratory or medical procedures at a much more minimal cost.
Tool Features (in descending order of importance):
  • Environment customization (of the sky and terrain) tool
  • Object creation tool/2D Image Loader ((through use of 2d canvas gameObject)) (many shapes of any scale and color) (snap-to-grid placement for ease)
  • Drawing tool (draw, erase, change width, or change color with a 3D brush in 3D space)
  • 360 Video and Skyboxes & Voice Recording Tool (captures instance of person (1st person or 3rd person), of the game view, and of all actions (like Game View) until told to stop and saves it in a particular path on the computer)
  • 360 Model insantiator.
Juan Andres Molina Escalante
VR/AR - Developer - Educator