"Multiversed" Bangladesh
Updated a year ago
Bangladesh, a land of rivers, nature and people, most importantly my Homeland.
What if there were parallel universes, where my motherland, is a bit different, although having similar characteristics? Starting one of my really first modeling/unity project in this contest.

Got really less time, so tried my best.

Day 1 Let's do some sketchings! (Sketch up, and trying to model in blender)

Day 2
Modeled a similar town to Old Dhaka in Blender. Looking decent!
Day 3 Really running behind in time! Tried my best to make a non-human inhabitant, (Oblivion/skyrim reference) Did some detailing, kinda fits but again, first time!
Day 4
More details! Got 1 day left! Need to work in unity now!
Day 5
3 Hours!!! Imported into unity, very poor textures, but no time! Need to work on the bear animation and post processing/cinemachines.
Textures from
GOT 30 Minutes Left! Post processing done!
My first ever unity project. Bad animation, hope it's worth the time. Good way to improve myself

Used Timeline, Post processing Stack and Cinemachines to control the camera.

The bear animation didn't work out perfectly, only had 3 minutes left before upload.
Good luck to All!

Music is a flute by Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia
Ahmed Jabir Zuhayr
Teen enthusiastic creator and programmer - Student