Multiplayer zombie game
Introduction: This game is meant to be an online open-world with zombies inspired by other games like H1Z1, ISS and DayZ. However this game is going to have some features that the other games lack: climbing or parkour, interactive and mobile furniture, nailing wood on the windows and doors... But maybe the most important difference is that it is going to be free to play. Progress: I'm working almost alone, I'm studying engineering full-time and the game is very ambitious so it's taking a long time to finish. I've been programming the base of the game for 4 years now. It will be ready to be shown in less than 1 year (I hope) but it will take 2 or 3 years to be ready to play. I would like to start uploading some videos soon. What I am looking for: I would like this project to be known because some day I'll need an economic inversion to pay for the publicity and servers. For any other kind of help I'm open to hear any offers :)