MultiGame allows you to create high-quality, 3D, real-time games FAST! A project that would normally take several weeks can be completed in just a couple of days, or a project that would take several years can often be finished in just a few months with this powerful new technology.
Six years in development, MultiGame was created to satisfy the needs of our clients. Since 2013, MultiGame has allowed us to surpass the expectations of our clients, regularly amazing them with our speed and quality of implementation.
Soon, MultiGame will be available on the Unity Asset Store. You can also get it in it's current, early-access form at where you can learn more about the full feature set and capabilities of this powerful system.
MultiGame features include built-in documentation right in the Inspector, a powerful toolbar which helps you add behavior and objects rapidly, a huge selection of game behaviors which will get your game off the ground fast, and editor tools to speed up the time required to reach milestones and finish your game!!
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